Recording of the CIPS Saskatchewan Professional Development Conference session: “Bringing AI to New Economic Sectors” (Jan 21 2021)

Session Presenter:  Dr. Kevin Stanley, Department Head, Professor

Artificial intelligence has seen historical application in fields such as defence and finance, but has until recently, been less evident in traditional economic sectors like agriculture and mining. Advances in image processing, machine learning and data analytics have opened new paths into these sectors for exaple by allowing automated analyis of drone or satalite monitored crops or water supply. Training professionals for these new fields is challenging, as idealy graduates should have expertise in both the AI aspects of Computer Science, and the domain that they are applying AI to. The University of Saskatchewan has begun to build new courses and degree programs to meet that need.

About the speaker:

Kevin Stanley is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan and it’s current Head of Department. He broadly does research in Data Analytics, with particular emphasis on understanding human mobility through GPS analysis. He has designed the initial offering of the machine learning class offered at the University of Saskatchewan, and is in the process of designing a course on Data Analytics.

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