Recording of the CIPS Saskatchewan June 17th 2020 Webinar:

Navigating Turbulent times – Cloud and Opensource Technologies” with Pat Valente – Part 2

During these turbulent times, Horizon is excited to bring in the SAS Institute to show how they are delivering real world analytics. The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown how important it is to explore modern cloud architectures and integrating open source technology. Daily updates from world wide data sources highlight how visualization, analytic modelling and decision making can be utilized by multiple user personas across a platform built for collaboration.

Presenter: Pat Valente, Data Science Solutions Specialist, SAS Canada

By leveraging best-in-class software and modern data mining techniques, Pat helps businesses visualize the potential of their data in order to surface relevant insights from it. Pat holds an academic background in Economics and Statistics along with over 20 years of business experience. Pat can easily understand and address data challenges in large organizations, and he knows how to help create value at every step of the analytics lifecycle from data discovery through to business strategy. As a recognized industry expert, Pat has delivered numerous webinars and workshops focusing on how SAS solutions can aid businesses in their analytic growth.

Webcast: Navigating Turbulent times – Cloud & Opensource Technologies (Pat Valente) – Part 2 (Members-Only)